The Hulton Bridge spans the Allegheny River and the Norfolk Southern Railroad to connect Harmar Township and Oakmont Borough located in Allegheny County, PA. The project includes the replacement of the more than 100 year old existing truss style bridge with a 1600 foot steel, multi-girder structure. The new bridge will be located directly upstream of the existing bridge and will include four, eleven-foot lanes (two lanes in each direction); a four-foot median; six-foot shoulders on each side of the roadway; and a sidewalk on the downstream side of the bridge. Additionally, the project includes intersection improvements on Freeport and Hulton Roads, signal and lighting upgrades, curb and sidewalk improvements, drainage, pavement markings and utility relocation.


With input from the public and local officials, the project team identified and included the following architectural features as part of the new bridge design (see artist rendering for visual details):

  • The piers and abutments on the new bridge will have an architectural treatment of “Canal Parkway Stone” to resemble the stone comprising the piers and abutments of the existing bridge.
  • The color of the bridge beams will be green.
  • Over each of the three river piers, pedestrian outlooks will be constructed.
  • Light and sign poles as well as the pedestrian railing will be painted black.


While construction is occurring on the new bridge, motorists will continue to be able to use the existing Hulton Bridge. A short-term detour (approximately one month) will be needed near the end of construction as contractors connect the roadway to the new bridge.


See below for a printable copy of this information in the form of a handout which was provided at the public meeting held Thursday, September 12, 2013.

Download (PDF, 990KB)